We make all types of barrettes:

* We use only high-quality, French-made barrette blanks.
Our large barrettes are made for medium to thick hair.

agate barrette
Large brown faux agate barrette mimics ribbon patterns
in stone or wood. 4 inches wide, $12.
ballet barrette
Ballet barrette is perfect for your ballerina. Aqua and slate blue toe shoe
accented with a star. 3.5 inches wide, $10.
teddy bear barrette
Teddy bear barrette is cute as a button.
Brown teddy bears on parade. 4 inches wide, $12.
lion barrette
Lion barrette is accented with the colors
of the grasslands. 4 inches wide, $12.
zebra barrette
Zebra barrette is stunning in black and white.
4 inches wide, $12.
zebra barrette
Stylish zebra barrette in black and white.
4 inches wide, $12.
schoolhouse barrette
Schoolhouse barrette brings back memories of a one-room schoolhouse.
4 inches wide, $12.
girlfriends barrette
Girlfriends barrette shows a quartet of strong, supportive women.
4 inches wide, $12.
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Jack o'lantern barrette
Silly Jack O' Lantern barrette glows in dark.
4 inches wide, $12.
RIP Ghost barrette
This ghost is up to no good! Ghost barrette glows in dark.
4 inches wide, $12.
Camo barrette
Camouflage barrette is so stylish, no one will know
you're wearing camo! 4 inches wide, $12.
Let it snow barrette
Tell everyone how you really feel about winter with this
snowman let it snow barrette. 4 inches wide, $12.
Snowflake barrette
Snowflake barrette is stylish in blacks, grays and whites.
4 inches wide, $12.